Photography and Culture will act as a vehicle for the best critical, reflective and analytical writing on photography, extending a lineage that reaches back through Sontag, Barthes, and Benjamin through to Baudelaire, Fox Talbot and Lady Eastlake. As such it will be pluralistic in its approach, truly inter-disciplinary, embracing the historic and the contemporary and independent of any one prevailing theoretical critical model. It will seek to become the essential text for a new community of interest clustered around those who use, reference, interpret or analyse photographic images within their chosen fields in arts and humanities, science and social science from across international academia.

Photography and Culture:

  • aims to rebalance the overemphasis on art historical approaches to include vernacular and applied photography within its scope.
  • will embrace the historical, technological, cultural and social aspects of photography as well as all genres - from portraiture to advertising and from fashion photography to the family album, for example,
  • answers a clear need for a vehicle that fosters exchange about photography and culture across a wide range of disciplines and subfields,
  • is committed to a strong interdisciplinary approach,
  • offers a forum for diverse voices in the field,
  • genuinely international, it will seeks to open up the study of photography beyond traditional Eurocentric and Anglo-American perspectives,
  • will gather together the most thoughtful writers and thinkers about photography.

Photographies seeks to construct a new agenda for theorising photography as a heterogeneous medium that is changing in an ever more dynamic relation to all aspects of contemporary culture.

Photographies is alert to photography's changing contexts and meanings, and to the unprecedented scale and diversity of sites of image production, reproduction and consumption now.

Photographies aims to further develop the history and theory of photography, considering new frameworks for thinking and addressing questions arising from the present context of technological, economic, political and cultural change.

Photographies will investigate the contemporary condition and currency of the photographic within local and global contexts.

Photographies aims to:

  • establish a sustained and dynamic forum for the development of the history and theory of photography,
  • consider new frameworks for thinking and addressing questions arising from digital technologies and economic, political and cultural change,
  • examine contemporary uses and currencies of the photographic within local and global contexts,
  • identify, develop and discuss emergent critical debates and practices,
  • publish work in the humanities and social sciences which has a bearing upon our understanding of photography thereby locating debate within a wider community.

Manuscript Submission: The Editors of Photographies are inviting the following kinds of submissions:

  • Research papers and innovative visual essays (6000-8000 words)
  • Shorter papers engaging new debates (circa 4000 words)
  • Reflective review essays evaluating publications, cultural events, key developments, exhibitions and conferences.

Contributors are advised to contact the editors with proposals for reflective review essays in advance of writing/submission in order to avoid duplication.

Papers and proposals should be sent to: Photographies, c/o Liz Wells, Faculty of Arts, Scott Building, University of Plymouth, Drake Circus, Plymouth PL4 8AA, UK.